10 important points to keep in mind before attending any technical interviews

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 10 important points to keep in mind before attending any technical interviews:

  • You should be familiar with the skills you have mentioned in the resume – The interviewer will ask the questions based on the skills you mentioned in your resume. Profound knowledge about the concepts about your skills is necessary. Keep the flow while answering/explaining any technical questions.
  • The interviewer will concentrate on how well you are approaching each question rather than giving the correct answer. So, your intent should be how to resolve the given issue!
  • Keep in mind: interviews are like a blockchain. The interviewer will ask the question based on your previous answer, so make sure your answers are linked only with concepts you know. Try to guide the interviewer in the path within your skills.
  • If the interviewer asks questions beyond your knowledge, do not act over smart and answer them wrong. You can tell ” Sorry, I’m not aware of ___” or “Yes, I’m studying about ___ ” 
  • Read the job description provided before applying/ preparing for the company. Because the job description has the qualification, quality of a candidate they are looking for to fit in the vacant designation. 
  • Learn how to solve a given problem in different methods, so you can think in other dimensions to answer any tricky questions. 
  • Do not hesitate to ask the interviewer to explain the question if you did not understand it at once. 
  • If the interviewer asked for more clarity in any particular concept, explain it with an example. Examples allow you to express your thought convincingly. If you get stuck, do not give up. Try to solve the same question with different approaches or with other examples.
  • Do not give up on anything easily in an interview. This attitude shows the interviewer your patience, determination, and confidence. Make a note of the questions you did not answer well. You can prepare well for future interviews by rectifying your mistakes.
  • Do not lose your confidence or spirit at any time in the interview. Keep the energy level consistent. Do not demotivate yourself when you are not able to answer the questions asked.

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