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We are glad to invite  you for participation in the Webinar on Interview Passing Skills – Part 1, which will be held on 20th July 2021 from 11 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.

We request you to confirm your presence in the webinar by  replying to this mail through your registered email id.Your reply will help us to register you for certification and future assistance in placements.

Joining the webinar will be on first come first serve basis only,you are requested to join at the given time else you may not get access later,if seats get full.

Pl.join only from your name and registered email id given by you at the time of registration.

You can Join webinar using the following ( zoom) link..

Tmc course is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Topic: INTERVIEW PASSING SKILLS WEBINAR-1

Time: Jul 20, 2021 10:45 AM India

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Meeting ID: 816 5043 4520

Passcode: 801173

  {In case of technical or other   difficulty in joining or during the webinar you can email us at our email id. tmcadm497@gmail.com or message (only on sms ,NO whatsapp messages pl.) us on following phone nos.9479407045 / 7038737711 ,Upon receiving your message we shall reply  for assistance as soon as our person is available.We request you not to call us as we will be unable to take your calls.}

We aspire to train the candidates /participants to enhance their employability skills and subsequently to select the trained candidates/participants for assistance in placements to   corporate jobs/internships.

The interview passing skills course broadly  consists of four webinars/ seminars (Viz. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part4), and we endeavor to provide one webinar /seminar every month to complete the course in 4 months. This is a tentative schedule and in future this schedule may be  subject to change,and  changes if any,will be informed to all, through our website www.cksharma.com.

After a participant or candidate has attended all the webinars, we endeavour to conduct an internal assessment exam and provide certification to selected candidates based on our advanced assessment format.

The candidates certified by us will then be selected by us based on their performance in our internal exam/assessment/mock test and the selected candidates will be provided placement assistance by us in corporate jobs/internships.

We are looking for serious and interested candidates who want to achieve success in career by getting great jobs.


  • Show up on time. You may not disrupt the presentation by logging in late, due to which you may either be unable to log in to the webinar or you may miss important information.
  • Turn off your mic. during the webinar, speak only when the presenter allows.
  • Don’t use the chat room/ in-call messages unless essential.
  • As our appointed teachers will be observing you ,for assessment,to check your attributes (given below), therefore it will be advisable for you to keep your cameras on and  behave ,sit properly , dress appropriately and remain  attentive in the webinar , although it is  not compulsory to keep your camera On.
  • If any participant is found not following rules and disturbing the Webinar, we reserve the right to remove him or her from the webinar forthwith, with or without giving any reasons whatsoever.


Following will be the percentage of weightage of attributes on which final overall assessment may be done for selecting participants for certification and the final Selection for placement assistance.

Participants Attribute /parameter. The weightage (%age of marks)


1.      Attendance in webinar’s/seminars

2.      Behavior, Attitude, attentiveness.

3.      Communication skills and inquisitiveness

4.      Final assessment/exam.






Our appointed teachers  including the presenter will observe the above attributes (given in points 1,2 & 3)of the candidates during the Webinars/Seminars and later during mock-interview sessions.


  • Only candidates who secure greater than or equal to 75% in the final overall assessment, and who succeed in a mock-interview session, will be selected for providing placement assistance.
  • Candidates who secure less than 50% marks will not be eligible for certification.
  • We reserve the sole right to allow or not to allow any candidate to participate in the webinar/ seminar, without giving any reasons whatsoever.
  • We reserve the sole right to select or not to select any candidate for certification or placement assistance.
  • We do not take any responsibility whatsoever and will not be liable in any way whatsoever for conducting the said Webinars/seminars in full or in part or for not conducting the Webinars/seminars, due to any reason whatsoever or for any reason beyond our control.
  • Minimum Age Eligibility for participants is 16 years and above.
  • Placement assistance will depend upon availability and we do not guarantee any placements  in any jobs/internships to any one.
  • Only those candidates who are above the age of 18 will be considered for assistance in placements as per availability and feasibility.
  • The ideas and views and information provided/expressed in the webinar by the presenter or organisers is solely an opinion being shared by them and although all effort has been taken to provide useful and correct information to the participants ,the presenter and organizer do not take any responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have inadvertently or otherwise become a part of their ideas /views and information. The participants are free to   agree or disagree to any or all such ideas and views and information provided/expressed in the webinar by the presenter or organisers .
  • We do not take any responsibility whatsoever if for any reason whatsoever any person or persons are unable to join/participate in full or in part ,in the above mentioned webinar.
  • We reserve full right of assessment of participants who participate in the webinar.No queries of re-assesment /revaluation etc.will be entertained from any one at any time.Our decision will be final and binding on the participants in this regard.
  • If for any reason whatsoever you are unable to attend the webinar you can mail us later on our above mentioned email id.,for requesting us for next schedule of the webinar.


  • C K Sharma, CTMC Academy and any one associated with either of the two,, will not be held responsible in any court of law for in case of cancellation in part or in full, or delay of the webinar due to any technical and non-technical reasons whatsoever with or without any prior notification provided to you or to anyone who is invited or informed about a webinar.
  • C K Sharma, CTMC Academy and any one associated with either of the two,will not be held responsible in any court of law for any misunderstanding on the part of student or students or participants as they are advised to read and understand all terms and conditions of webinar.
  • C K Sharma, CTMC Academy and any one associated with either of the two will not be held responsible in any court of law on the ground of cancellation or delay in either  providing placement assistance  Or in  providing certificates.

4)Learning Outcomes- C K Sharma, CTMC Academy and any one associated with either of the two is  not liable for the detailed content of any Webinars, quality of presentation or if learning outcomes did not entirely meet expectations.

PL.NOTE : At the end of the webinar an interactive question answer session may be conducted for participants who wish to ask doubts or questions related to the subject.