Our powerful series of online lectures will cover.:- 

  1. Learn 30 years research-based strategic techniques to crack any interview you want.
  2. Learn to have a great first impression on your interviewer in your first meeting.
  3. Learn how to appear confident to your interviewer.
  4. Learn special techniques derived from Neuro Linguistic Programming to calm down anxiety during interview.
  5. Learn to use specialized Techniques based on NLP to reduce stress before or during interview.
  6. Learn a secret technique to make yourself look better than your competition.
  7. Learn a secret technique based on 2 decades (30 Year) of research in field of body language and communication skills to make sure to drastically increase your chances of landing your dream job.
  8. Learn the most important rule to crack any interview.
  9. Learn a secret ninja technique to make your resume look far better than anyone else.
  10. Learn how to tackle common interview questions.
  11. Learn C.K.Sharma’sKENDR” method, A unique & time tested technique for improving spoken English
  12. Learn about ..

    a. pre-interview preparation stage.

    b. The current phase (At the time of interview)

    c. The post-interview phase.

  13. Lectures with a  distinctive training pedagogy which includes three dimensional dramatic videos/audios (representations) for an enhanced learning experience.

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